Kappa Sigma Fraternity's A Greater Cause Foundation Grants Embrace $35,000 Through Military Heroes Campaign

Kappa Sigma Fraternity's A Greater Cause Foundation  Grants Embrace $35,000 Through Military Heroes Campaign
Gesture is latest chapter in Embrace's growing relationship with the nation's largest fraternity



The Kappa Sigma Fraternity's A Greater Cause Foundation has recently provided Embrace with a $35,000 grant through their Military Heroes Campaign to support the Healing Our Heroes' Homes program. The program utilizes volunteer contractors and college student volunteers to remodel the homes of disabled veteran homeowners. 

Created in 2007, the Military Heroes Campaign honors and aids thousands of military veterans and their families in communities throughout the U.S. and Canada. Since its inception, the campaign has donated over $1,000,000 to non-profit organizations who advocate on behalf of servicemen and women and those wounded in combat.


(SDSU Kappa Sigma's volunteering at a Healing Our Heroes' Homes remodel)

Embrace has remodeled 10 homes owned by disabled veterans since 2011, providing over $650,000 worth of labor and materials and over 5,800 volunteer hours.  Many of those volunteer hours were logged by Kappa Sigma Fraternity Epsilon-Iota Chapter at San Diego State University, which made for a unique relationship which opened the door for the Military Heroes Campaign Grant. 

"Kappa Sigma Fraternity is honored to support Healing our Heroes' Homes through our Military Heroes Campaign, which embodies the principals that Kappa Sigma looks for in a veteran support organization," said Michael Hall, Commissioner of Kappa Sigma's A Greater Cause Foundation which houses their Military Heroes Campaign.  "Service is one of the four pillars of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity which allows us to give back and show the world that Kappa Sigma is about being a part of something that is bigger than oneself.   We look forward to continuing to work with Embrace as Kappa Sigma and our Military Heroes Campaign will continue to grow in success."


                                                                                               (Left: SDSU Kappa Sigma preparing for Embrace The Streets serving the homeless)

(Right: Ex 4 Vets 2012 Top Fundraiser check presentation to SDSU Kappa Sigma)


"Whether Embrace is serving the homeless, remodeling homes or collecting water for fire victims in the Philippines, the brothers from Kappa Sigma Fraternity have been leading the charge among college student volunteers from San Diego State University," added Embrace Founder Sean Sheppard, in describing the unique relationship with Kappa Sigma.  "Not only are they the best represented student organization to serve the community through Embrace, they have done a fantastic job of recruiting other student organizations to serve the community through us."

Funds from the Military Heroes Campaign will be used to support all costs associated with remodeling the homes of disabled veterans including building materials and paid student interns, several of which have always been student veterans, compounding the impact that the grant funds will have on the veteran community.  

"We are very proud to work with such an amazing organization, that does so much for the local homeless and disabled veterans. Embrace puts on awesome events, and it's been a privilege to be part of their growth," said San Diego State University Kappa Sigma President, Mark LoVecchio.

(SDSU Kappa Sigma at Ex 4 Vets 2013)


Sheppard went on to share this: "We never imagined a bunch of guys regularly volunteering to serve the community through our organization would result in receiving a major grant.  "These young men continue to give back to the community through Embrace in every way imaginable. To us, they've been the bench mark student organization at San Diego State University.  There is no close second." 
About Embrace

Founded in 2000, Embrace uses community service to bring diverse groups of people together to bring about social wellness in our society. The organization mobilizes college students and recent graduates to serve less fortunate members of veteran and civilian communities. 

For more information on Embrace please visit www.Embrace1.org
For more on the Military Heroes Campaign please visit http://kappasigma.org/military-heroes/
For more information on Embrace Founder Sean Sheppard please visit www.TheGoodSheppard.tv


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