Embrace to Launch Program that Addresses Law Enforcement/Community Issues Through Sports

The Game Changer model is a new Embrace program that addresses the strained relationship between law enforcement and communities of color through moderated dialogue, and socialization through sporting events and other modes of entertainment.  

Created by Embrace Founder Sean Sheppard - with significant input from community members, San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman and the San Diego Police Officers Association - Game Changer creates space and exposure through moderated focus groups of no more than 20 people at a time for 2-way dialogue to occur in order for community, law enforcement and members of the judicial system to gain a better understanding of each other as members of the same community...members of the same team.

These 2-hour focus groups will be followed by focus group participants taking in a sporting/entertainment event together to experience social time together, an element of human interaction that is missing due to the homogeneous nature of communities around the country.

The goal is to change perceptions and ultimately change behavior across the board. San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman feels that Game Changer has the potential to serve as a national model.
Game Changer on NBC's Politically Speaking: Game Changer on Politically Speaking
Current San Diego Police Officers Association President, Brian Marvel, had this to offer about Game Changer: "This model personalizes officers to the community and the community is personalized to the officers, and I think by having that type of dialogue and conversation will only enhance the community oriented policing that's currently being done." 
The model has the support of the San Diego Chief of Police, the San Diego Police Officers Association, the Mayor of San Diego, local elected officials, California State Senators and 2 U.S. Congressmen.
Embrace has a Crowdrise fundraising goal to raise $500,000 in order for the model to be piloted and refined in Southern California with the goal for national implementation. 
We welcome your contribution to reach that goal!!
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